Did you know that almost all these portable hyperbaric chamber companies are simple HOME BUSINESSES!

… setup to disappearĀ from the face of the earth when they run into any type of trouble?

If they have to recall a product, if they get investigated by the FDA, if too many people demand a refund for a bad product, they can just disappear, leaving YOU holding the bag (literally). That’s what the manufacturer of the Flexi-lite chamber, Performance Hyperbarics, Inc. did. So much for all those people who paid for their “5-Year Warranty”. You can promise anything to make a buck, then stop taking someone’s calls when the product breaks. Unbelievable. First off, check out these “business addresses” from several of the “leading hyperbaric companies” that advertise all over the web:

Healing Dives, Inc.

Healing Dives home address hyperbaric chambers

Address from their website:
4220 Lobos Road
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Selling portable hyperbaric chambers from an apartment garage. Nice. So when I need help or have a medical question – where do I go? This entire company is…Diane Pechenick. She sells any brand of portable hyperbaric chambers, but several manufacturers have banned her because she was selling without a prescription, pushed the illegal upgrades, offered medical advise, etc. She likes to stalk the internet and poach on susceptible people who look for help in Yahoo groups pushing medical advice like she’s some 10 year MD, spamming blogs with comments, etc.

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Healing Dives Diane

Hyperbaric Options

Hyperbaric Options home address hyperbaric chambers

Address from their website:
221 Orchard View
Royal Oak, MI 48073

This is their “main office”. The “Nashville Location” from their website doesn’t show on Google Maps. From what I found out, It may be an apartment building. Not very comforting.
The main guy behind this, Greg Harris, is a great web scammer. He got caught putting up a lot of bogus sites under different names that made it look like different companies that sold different chambers and equipment. However, if you tried to purchase one of these “other chambers”, they were “unavailable” and what ever company he was reselling for at that moment was promoted to “the best chamber I ever used.” He shut down all his old sites (Google was getting aware of scams like his and he was in danger of losing his ranking). He has restarted this scheme again. Always beware of companies that use multiple web identities for their same business. And beware of a company that sells one brand of chambers, but claims to sell all manufacturers. They usually don’t. Also, several manufacturers won’t work with him because he was known not to require prescriptions, offer medical advise and was pushing the illegal upgrade kits too!

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Hyperbaric Options Greg Harris

Hyperbaric Options Greg Harris Continue to Defy FDA and scam unsuspecting individuals


OxyHealth hyperbaric chambers

Address from website:
10719 Norwalk Blvd.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 92670

It’s a little comforting to see a REAL business building, but how many slick sales people work there? They have BY FAR the most chambers on the market, so someone must be pushing somewhere. They had an exclusive market in Japan until someone snoozed and FORGOT TO RENEW THE PATENT and competition came in overnight. They never had an exclusive in the US.
Makers of: Vitaeris 320, Respiro 270, Solace 210. Quamvis 320, Fortius 420

Performance Hyperbarics – OUT OF BUSINESS DUE TO LAWSUIT

Performance Hyperbarics scam

Good bye and good riddance. Someone else sued the heck out of them for fraudulent business practices and the owner, Spencer Feldman, packed up his fancy Hawaiian home/”Place of Business” (it would be that abandoned palm tree on the left) and disappeared OVERNIGHT rather than face any financial fallout. I was preparing to file a claim against him and the flexi-lite chamber, but I found out that he was a U.S. citizen who incorporated his company in Panama and did his banking (per the wire transfer info he sent me) IN CYPRESS. I guess he didn’t have BUSINESS LIABILITY INSURANCE – something a legit medical manufacturer/reseller has. I wonder if any of these companies have it?
Makers of the Performance-Hyperbarics Flexi-Lite chamber. Claimed to be the manufacturer, but now the company called Pressure Tech claims to be the manufacturer. Illegally sold upgrade kits through a company called ANDI International.


(wrong name on the business?)

HyperbaricsRX hyperbaric chambers scam

Address from website:
10092 NW 50th Street
Sunrise, FL 33351

Google lists this address for a different company, NOT HyperbaricsRX, so if you are in the area, don’t stop by!
Can’t tell what the actual business sells, because it is a DIVE SHOP, not a MEDICAL SUPPLY company. The website claims to sell a variety of manufacturers, but it is owned by the daughter of the owner of Pressure Tech, maker of the Flexi-Lite hyperbaric chamber. I tried to get a quote for one of the other chambers listed on their website, but she was lying. She only sells her father’s chambers and is using the other products to scam off leads and make is sound like she has a variety of chambers to sell. If you inquire, she will only recommend Daddy’s products. Oh yes, and she unabashedly pushes the illegal upgrade kits.

Summit to Sea, Inc.


Summit to Sea hyperbaric chambers

No address on website:
1744 Avocet Lane
Mound, MN 55364

Address not disclosed on their website. I had to dig it out from their registration with the FDA. It looks like a nice home – not a manufacturing plant. Nice perk – you can sail while on break! But where are the chambers built? What are they hiding?

Manufacturers (importers, as a matter of fact) of The Dive, The Grand Dive, Grand Dive Vertical, The Shallow Dive Hyperbaric chambers (all of which have been known to burst fairly quickly, especially the Grand Dive Vertical). I found an address in France for the REAL manufacturer (no, they are NOT USA made like they imply. Click here to see where the FDA lists them as a “Importer”. ). The only problem is that Google maps showed ANOTHER personal home.

Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Importers Lie to US Government

Resellers issued FDA Warning Letters
Hyperbaric Options, LLC – Greg Harris
Healing Dives, Inc. – Diane Pechenick

FDA Reports Summit To Sea Portable Hyperbaric Chambers Exploding

Pressure Tech

A Manufacturing Plant?

PressureTech hyperbaric scam

Address from their website:
102 Woodcleft Ave
Freeport NY, 11520

The small office doesn’t even have the company name on it – and it is listed as THE MANUFACTURING PLANT that supposedly builds “medical device” hyperbaric chambers? No wonder why the FDA went after them.

Even though the FDA went after them for the illegal upgrade kits, they still sell them through ANDI INTERNATIONAL. The nice thing about that is when they ship the upgrade kit to you and you install it, YOU ARE THE RESPONSIBLE party for the violation and YOU can be busted for it, too.

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Pressure Tech, Inc. Ed Betts

Newtowne Hyperbarics

Newtowne Hyperbarics review hbot chambers

Address from their website:
1106 Market Street
Pocomoke City , MD 21851

The new kids on the block who also claim to manufacture the Flexi-Lite hyperbaric chambers. But wait, doesn’t Pressure-Tech do the manufacturing? The FDA 510(k) clearance they provide is for the Performance Hyperbaric Flexi-Lite hyperbaric chamber and the registered manufacture is Pressure-Tech in Freeport, NY! They create confusion by re-branding their hyperbaric chambers as the Class 4 (4 psi) and Class 7 (upgradeable to 7 psi and 9 psi) series. Compare the Pressure-Tech Flexi-Lite hyperbaric chamber and the Newtowne Hyperbaric Class 7 hyperbaric chamber. ITS THE SAME HYPERBARIC CHAMBER! So who’s not being honest about being the real manufacture? Also in cahoots with ANDI International and the illegal upgrade kits. This is “Performance Hyperbarics” all over again! Looks like another scam to me.

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Pressure Tech, Inc. Ed Betts
FDA Issues Warning Letter to ANDI International Ed Betts

Andi International


Andi International hyperbaric scam

Address from website:
74 Woodcleft Avenue
Freeport, New York 11520

It’s probably a back office of Pressure Tech. It is owned and operated by the same people. This is where you are sent to purchase the illegal upgrade kit for Flexi-lite chambers. Tell me, if it was legal to sell, then why can’t pressure tech sell the upgrade and send you the chamber with it already installed? BECAUSE IT ISN’T LEGAL.

FDA Issues Warning Letter to ANDI International Ed Betts